Rufus Shinra and Tifa Lockheart.

Sweet, like crack.

Their love is true. Sort of.
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Rufus Shinra and Tifa Lockheart.

He tried to have her executed. She tried to bring down his company.

Clearly this is what fandom romance is made of.

Welcome to rufustifa! Your spot for fics, art, squee-age, and everything in between concerning these seemingly polar opposites. Call us kooky, but hey. There are a lot of other strange and wonderous pairings out there and we quite fancy this one.

Feel free to post fanfiction, fanart, icons, random thoughts, whatever. As long as it is based on Rufus and Tifa in some fashion -- be they friends, lovers, friends with benefits, enemies with benefits, you get the picture. :)

♥ Rules

I. Please keep it relevent. That means pertaining to Rufus and Tifa. Other pairings are fine as long as they are the focus, obviously. ;D Advertisements are going to be a no as well -- and they WILL be deleted, unless they have something to do with the pairing. In other words - Looking for an RP partner? Sure! Multi-fandom game? Sorry... but se_rpgads would certainly welcome it.

II. No flaming. No trolling. No asshatery. Keep it fun.
III. Please make with the proper warnings. I know we're all adults here, but not everyone is into the hardcore and your happy smut might be someone else's squick.

IV. ALL fiction and art must be lj-cut. A header of some sort would be nice, mostly as a way for us to know what you're writing about.

V. If you're new, feel free to introduce yourself. This is a community, after all. <3

♥ Affiliates

blonde_tenacity, rufustseng, zerena

If you're interested in affiliating with rufustifa, please comment here and you'll be added to the list!

Any concerns or questions can be pelted toward valorously, who is easily reachable at valorously [at] livejournal [dot] com.
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